Review: Zac Harmon – Music Is Medicine

Posted on: Saturday, Aug 25, 2012


Zac Harmon – Music Is Medicine

(Urban Eagle L.L.C.)

It has been three years since Zac’s last album and in that time he has taken part in various blues tours performing for U.S. troops in Iraq and Kuwait; he has also ventured into acting. Now, returning to his first love, he presents a collection of eleven original numbers that contain an underlying warm and soothing smooth Southern country soul feel. His time spent backing artists such as; Z.Z. Hill, Dorothy Moore and Sam Myers has certainly not been wasted, for here his skilful musical eloquence rises to the fore.

The rich laidback creamy tenor vocals of Zac complement his grooving jazz inflected guitar style, sublimely backed by an almost bubbling, fluttering, floating organ, whilst over the top raw, searing guitar solos are introduced. This is highly evident on “Miss American Girl,” a paean to the glories of American ladies, whilst the subject matter of “Blue Pill Thrill,” is on the dubious ‘benefits’ of Viagra, his humour and effortlessly gliding tenor voice disguises well any disturbing thoughts you might have on the subject.

A wonderful, high energy riffing organ and guitar introduces and drives “Running From The Devil,” a real footapper that relentlessly urges you into taking the right path, also endeavouring to keep you on the right path is  Zac and his guitar as they venomously duel with strident, belligerent organ and drumwork on the oh so enjoyable, heavy blues laden “Country Boy,” backing Zac who takes lead vocals and plays various guitars, keyboards and drums are; Cedric Goodman; drums, Corey Lacey; keyboards and Bluthel; bass.

The title number has an engaging/urging funky, almost gospel fuelled feelgood factor. “Talk to Me,” is firmly rooted in the Southern style of Latimore from the seventies, an emotive pleader of an exposed love triangle.

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