Review: Dennis Jones – My Kinda Blues

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012


Dennis Jones – My Kinda Blues

(Blue Rock Records)

Maryland born Dennis, still maintains with this, his fourth album the fundamental points that have made him such an outstanding and singular modern day bluesman and this is simply the rawness of  attitude and the surging passion, skill and urgency that he puts into all of his performances.  Of the thirteen numbers here, the one cover is from the late Dave Thompson, his “You Took My Baby,” is an enticingly urging Chicago shuffle that features the searing lead guitar talents of Guitar Shorty, together their guitars create a blast furnace atmosphere.

The significant influences on Dennis’s guitar playing style straddle both the rock and blues world, from the Kings –  BB, Albert and dare I say Freddie, all judiciously entwined with Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and possibly the crunching bass of Lemmy? The experiences of his time performing in Europe have allowed Dennis to add another dimension to this cornucopia of guitar sounds. “Jesus or The Bottle,” features an unsettling and disturbing mixture of news recordings and an evangelist spouting his particular brand of religion intercut with a massively bruising, brutal guitar lead that sweeps you away on a sea of riffs.

“My Kinda Blues,” has a rather mellow gently flowing introduction that quickly changes to a rocking toe-tapping pace but keeps the mellow flowing guitar groove with tasty solo flurries. The jaunty shuffling “Text Us Girl,” bemoans the current trend for texting as a replacement for encounters of the ‘personal’ kind. The excellent backing from Michael Turner; drums and Samuel Correa; bass, is seriously committed and takes no prisoners. The juggernaut numbers are “Devil’s Nightmare” and “Baltimore Blues,” they feature a relentless, surging and prowling mixture of sound fronted by Dennis’s brooding and dynamic guitar play that wails and screeches like a wounded soul. If you like modern blues this is for you!


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