Review: Ledfoot – Gothic Blues Volume One

Posted on: Thursday, Sep 20, 2012


Ledfoot – Gothic Blues Volume One

(Hypertension Music: HYP 12286)

Ledfoot, aka Tim Scott McConnell, lays his soul bare for a stripped-down solo trek through the dark side.  This is bleak stuff indeed with some razor sharp 12- string acoustic guitar, suitably sinister slide playing and chords that seem to chime from somewhere beyond the underworld.  All recorded in one take and on one evening.

Florida-born McConnell spent years touring with various bands and saw Springsteen cover his song “High Hopes”. He also moved to Norway but seems to have arrived there with a hellhound on his trail.  He also seems permanently down at the crossroads (a theme here) where he’s playing for his soul but the devil, Ledfoot tells us, he just laughed.

The titles “Purgatory Road” and “Hanging Tree” show the territory we’re in here. McConnell is a superb player and master of the dramatic (check out the stunningly effective slide guitar dynamics on “Diggin My Own Grave”) but it’ll probably not be everyone’s cup of the hard stuff.


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