Review: Microwave Dave And The Nukes – Last Time I Saw You

Posted on: Saturday, Sep 22, 2012


Microwave Dave And The Nukes – Last Time I Saw You

(Self-release, distribution: CD Baby)

Now then, what’s cookin’ here . . . turn on full power for 53 mins 29 secs . . . heck it’s hot and smokin’, stir well and examine contents . . . mmm, nice, a heady stew of blues and boogie, all served up with southern fries.

Microwave Dave Gallaher’s seventh album is a big guitar tour de force, not that it’s all a rocking blast (he can do the subtle and tender stuff, tune in to the world-weary ballad “The Worst Thing” for instance) but it’s mainly an affirmation of the variety in all things guitar blues.

Power duo The Nukes add the right punch as Gallaher’s wet gravel voice overlays a top selection of rocking roots music. The man is at his most explosive on the glorious one-chord country mega-stomp “Goin’ Downtown”, not for the only time on this set, it’s a blues-rock master class.  Billy Gibbons would certainly approve and he would surely be nodding approval too in the direction of “I’ve Got A Bet With Myself”, a boogie blast built on the so-solid rhythm of drummer James Irvin and bass man Rick Godfrey. The latter adds chugging harp to Billy C Farlow’s “Alabama Saturday Night” which has a powerhouse drum intro that should have you cranking up that volume.

The title track sees the trio stepping out into Louisiana mood with Gallaher strutting his own rhythm and lead duet to great effect. Microwave Dave cooks up a storm. Thoroughly recommended.


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