Review: Steve Summers Band – Lookin’ Back, Movin’ On

Posted on: Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012


Steve Summers Band – Lookin’ Back, Movin’ On

(Casket Records: CSK349)

Firstly, a warning! All blues purists to look away now! Good, now that the health and safety warning is over, I feel that it should be stated that an eclectic approach to music is a sign of a healthy outlook on life and Steve; lead vocals, guitar and keyboards, Scott Hunter; drums and Trevor Brooks; bass, fortunately have such an open, outlook and use to great effect; for on the eleven numbers here there is a diversity that is as pleasant as it is surprising.

For instance, they take Sonny Boy Williamson’s “Your Funeral, My Trial,” and proceed to turn it into a highly infectious wah-wah fuelled, romping, rolling blues that has you finger and toe-tapping in no time. There is a distinctly feelgood Wishbone Ash melodious guitar flavour to the original composition “Little Miss Blue.”

Whilst the band has an undoubted power play approach to their music it is the clear crisp delivery of the vocals that entice you in, along with the concise, consistent and considerably high level of restrained grooving guitar work; yes, the classic influences are all there Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Cream, Led Zeppelin and so on but, the band have firmly placed an indelible stamp of their own on the music, which is, a purpose and clarity that lifts it out of the usual mundane fare offered by some trios.

Robin Trower’s” Too Rolling Stoned and Coco Montoya’s “Am I Losing You,” features an array of carefully thought out slowburning, emotive guitar work. Willie Dixon’s “Hoochie Coochie Man,” is given the full slowburning and aching slide treatment with a driven wah, wah yet, the essence and feeling of the number is faithfully maintained. The final number is Jethro Tull’s “A New Yesterday,” a six minute plus epic that gives full rein to the bands genuine melodic aspirations while underpinning the number with a mellifluous guitar sound.

A very fine and surprising album!


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