Review: The Bluesmasters Vol. 2

Posted on: Saturday, Oct 13, 2012


The Bluesmasters Vol. 2

(Direct Music Distribution: DMD 0005- 2)

Noted guitarist / producer Tim Tucker, assembles yet another varied, flexible and highly talented line-up that forms the band for the album Bluesmasters Volume 2. Mr. Tucker has had the supreme advantage of enlisting two living legends before they sadly and permanently left the stage; these being Mr. Hubert Sumlin and Mr. Pinetop Perkins, they are joined by Mickey Thomas; vocals, Doug Lyn; harmonica, Ric Ulsky; B3 organ and Cassie Taylor on bass, with England’s Aynsley Dunbar providing rock solid drum work.

Together with guests; Hazel Miller, Eric Gales and Larry Thompson they create an enticing, sublime and absorbing blues atmosphere that possesses the contrasting capabilities of entwining not only the feelings of being assaulted by rhythmic skull crushing poleaxes but also, the textured gentleness of floating, fluttering butterfly wings. Cassie Taylor’s breathlessly breezy, gossamer vocals combine seamlessly with the crisp and caustically clear grooving guitar of Hubert Sumlin, especially so, on  “Bring It On Home To Me,” and “Talk to Me Baby,” as does Doug’s  insistent and howling harp.

Her rendition of “I Just Wanna Make Love To You,” is a very pleasing, sweaty sultry, seductive pleading invitation, as opposed to Etta James’s legendary forcefully commanding instructions. “Fine Cadillac,” contains some irresistibly driving, razor slashing fuzz guitar work that startlingly urges and propels your sensitive senses onwards. Mickey’s vocals have a fine and dandy duel with Doug’s wailing harp on “Little Red Rooster,” but bursting out through it all is Hubert’s sweetly, jagged and raw guitar solos.

As one would expect Pinetop’s dazzling and perceptive ivory coaxing skills create subtle depth and varying textures throughout. On “Get Me A Car,” his pulsating, rolling and pounding of the keyboards, dominate this infectious little ditty which fairly races along.

Simply Essential!



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