Review: The Terry Quiett Band – A Night At The Orpheum

Posted on: Sunday, Oct 14, 2012


The Terry Quiett Band – A Night At The Orpheum

(Lucky Bag RecordsL LB2012)

Terry’s warm burred, Kansas drawl lays down the welcome mat as he, Aaron Underwood; bass and Rodney Baker, drums, embark on their first live album, not, as you might imagine in the confines of small cosy club; but no, he and the band stand proud and undaunted at the Orpheum Theatre, Wichita, Kansas.

The eager and anticipating audience wallow and immerse themselves in the heady mixture of Terry’s resonant and richly textured guitarwork that accompanies his bonhomie drenched flowing vocals; while the punching and enticing soul imbued, funk filled, grooving drums and bass pleasingly meld together to create a hypnotic sound that is tantalisingly, almost a magic carpet ride.

On the more relaxed, evocative and mellow ballads, such as; “Long Saturday Night,” “Wheelhouse,” and “Caroline,” their soul infused qualities gently waft over the audience and settle amongst them like a much needed soft rainfall. Elsewhere on the album the building and burning, grooving soulful blues  toe-tapper “Gimme Some,” has the eager, happy audience in rapturous applause; equally so, when Terry performs solo on the slowburning blues, “Horizon,” he dazzles and stirs the audience to further highs, with his satisfyingly punctuating and hypnotic slide work.

The number “Hear My Train A Comin’,” is a rocking soul blues that enables Terry to yet again, deliver his fresh and infectious fretwork with simmering shimmering slide work.

The bands enjoyably grooving, rocking side is amply displayed on the bass driven “Short Dress.”  Grandly finishing the set is the slowly crescendo building, shuffling blues number “Forever Man.” Terry’s undoubted appeal lies in his innate skill and ability to create a familiar, cosy and intimate welcoming atmosphere wherever the band may play.

Well worth investigation!


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