Gig: WT Feaster Band *AND* Billy Walton Band – True Blues, Earlestown – 11 Nov 2012

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012

Sunday 11th November – MASSIVE DOUBLE HEADER

WT Feaster Band

So what’s Indianapolis guitarist WT (Travis) Feaster all about? Intense guitar playing, impassioned vocals – a rock blues hurricane!

WT Feaster performs outstanding, mind bending, diamond hard riffs which scream with an edgy intensity, creating a sound as heavy and raucous as Alvin Lee and as distinctive as Stevie Ray and Jimi Hendrix.

A fiery blues rock guitarist and southern soul blues belter with original material and Texas/Chicago inspired blues, WT Feaster band is in the vanguard of the Mid west Rock/Blues scene. The boundless energy, telepathic musicianship and a flourish of six string ferocity is reminiscent of early Eric Clapton and Cream.

WT (Travis) Feaster made his name on the mid west “Young Guns of Blues Guitar” tour as well as being a leading light on the Chicago Blues Tour – a new take on an old concept – that took in eight clubs and ten bands.

His debut album the aptly titled ‘Long Overdue’ proved to be the perfect context for his impassioned fiery playing, while several high profile appearances in Europe including the Maryport Blues Festival cemented a growing reputation.

Influence by blues greats like Albert King, Bill Perry, Junior Wells, Alvin Lee, and rockers Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix, WT combines strong songwriting with impossible licks and a fiery sense of purpose that puts him near the top of the new generation rock and Blues scene.

Billy Walton Band

In the history of rock n roll there is a long tradition of guitarists trading in their jobs as sidemen to become virtuoso frontmen in their own right. Early on Jimi Hendrix played in Little Richards’ band and Eric Clapton worked with numerous groups like John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, The Yardbirds, Cream and Derek and the Dominos before starting his legendary career as a solo artist. Even Stevie Ray Vaughn had a stint as a member of David Bowie’s touring band before going solo. There seems to be something about apprenticing with another artist that brings out the best in some guitar players. After spending years honing their craft it becomes impossible for their unique style and personality to be held back. Such is the case with Billy Walton.

Since the age of 15, Walton has plied his craft in the Asbury Park/New Jersey shore music scene – most notably as the guitarist/vocalist for Boccigalupe & the Bad Boys which features Tony Amato a veteran of the Asbury scene since the 70s (the nickname … Boccigalupe was actually given to him by Bruce Springsteen & Little Steven Van Zandt). During his time with Boccigalupe, Walton has played countless gigs in both the United States and Europe and sat in with numerous of rock luminaries including Springsteen, Gary US Bonds and Stevie Ray’s backing band, Double Trouble.

The 30-year old Walton’s talents are no secret among everyone in the Jersey shore music scene and with the founding of the Billy Walton Band there’s little doubt his reputation will grow far beyond the Garden State. The Billy Walton Band’s sound is a combination of hard blues reminiscent of Hendrix, Clapton and Vaughn mixed with a healthy dose of Warren Hayes and Derrick Trucks.

Live, Walton has always been an explosive performer with jaw dropping talent but with the addition of bassist William Paris, Richie Taz on sax, and drummer Johnny D’Angelo the Billy Walton band churns out a singular brand of funky blues that has deep roots in both the jam band musical tradition as well as the Jersey shore Walton has cut his teeth on.

Walton’s connection to his heroes is not just through his record collection. Over the years he has developed a close friendship with Roger Mayer, the well–known British guitar effects guru whose devices have played such a pivotal part in rock’n’roll for nearly every major player since Hendrix.

But regardless of his influences or where he’s from, the Billy Walton Band’s ultimate appeal lies in the unique musical gifts of its founder, Walton himself, who, like his forebears is poised to join the long and storied list of sidemen whose time has come to step out front.

Tickets are £10



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Should be a great evening!