Review: The Mal Gibson Project – Blue Sky, Black Rain

Posted on: Friday, Nov 2, 2012

 The Mal Gibson Project – Blue Sky, Black Rain

(Green Dog Records)

Mal Gibson is much more than a brilliant musician – he is a prolific songwriter and has penned all the original works on this new album. There are eight titles on this new work and are well worth a listen. The band, a trio, comprises of Simon Ramus on drums and percussion; bass guitarist and backing vocals by Tim Knowles and the man himself Mal Gibson. on lead vocal/guitar/harmonicas.

This is a journey of blues/rhythm & blues from the first track, “The Boogie Man”, through to its conclusion “Another Victim of the State”. The “Boogie Man” is a great track, a rocky/blues mid tempo number, that is  kind of 60s retro – he’s coming to get you to steal your soul. “God Is My Witness”, a slow blues number – she’s put a spell on him and she’s got the devil in her eyes, a love song and he’s done no wrong so help him God.

Track three, “Blue Sky Black Rain”, a rocky 60s retro a hint of  John Lennon  in lay out; two sides of the coin of life – should he go or stay and face the music. Number 4 track is again an uptempo number,  “Victim of the State” – money, possessions, when and how? Does the lifestyle derive from the wrong identity, it wasn’t me I’m innocent, but the judge didn’t think so.

The fifth track “For Your Love” is another slow blues number – a slave to love a waste of time running and hiding and futile to resist. Track 6, ”Just Because”,  a mid-tempo number – I know where you are from and what you have done, some one she’s not, but wants to be treated like a movie star by everyone, fancy lifestyle fancy car, country house money and lots of it, what’s the secret a murky past ?

“The Letter”, track 7 my favourite I think – another slow tempo track, a moaning harp, and a melodic drum beat, memories of a lost love visions of her face, a sad song but time is a great healer. Track 8, “Another Victim of the State” – there are good and bad people in this world which are you, do you work till you drop and get ripped off by the crooked system that seems to be stacked against you, the rules change all the time, to catch you out, and they say you can’t take it with you, but a bit of life and comfort before your death would be nice it’s not asking a lot, a never ending story for the human race.

All in all I liked this contempary feel of this album from Mal Gibson. It shows off not only his musicianship and his lyricist skills but his technical understanding of production in my book he can do no wrong.


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