Review: Ari Borger Quartet – Back To The Blues

Posted on: Monday, Dec 3, 2012


Ari Borger Quartet – Back To The Blues


Not that this Brazilian quartet has ever been that far away from the blues anyway… The opening ‘Boogie Train’ is a supercharged boogie-woogie (of course) with wild piano, pumping bass and storming drums! ‘Back At The Chicken Shack’ follows it with the cool but forceful sound of leader Ari’s Hammond organ (plus piano break), a rhythm section that pushes proceedings along in fine style, and plenty of bluesy guitar from Celso Salim – if you’re going to cover Jimmy Smith, this is the way to do it!

Big Bill Broonzy’s ‘Key To The Highway’ gets a lovely stomping piano treatment (kudos to the bass player again , too), The Meter’s ‘Funky Miracle’ is just that, and ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’ has the album’s only vocal, a beautiful performance pretty close to Etta James by singer Bia Marchese. The Borger original ‘Coming Home’ has a very slight country-rock tinge and stinging slide guitar work, and the title track is very much on the vein of Muddy’s classic 70s band. What is there not to like? Nothing… Highly recommended, if you can find it!

Norman Darwen

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