Review: Cosmic Finger – Streets Of Fortune

Posted on: Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

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Cosmic Finger – Streets Of Fortune


I must admit this live release from German outfit Cosmic Finger has grown on me a lot over the weeks . . . a six-track affair recorded at Fabrik in Hamburg during a support slot this March, “Streets Of Fortune” is far from a traditional blues release but is full of fine, tasteful grooves and playing . . . by a band who started off in 2008 as a Grateful Dead tribute band.

On “Streets Of Fortune” the six songs are all penned by fluid guitarist Christopher Timm, with lyrics from non-band member Jan-Ulrich Sobisch. The remainder of the band comprise: Jonas Puschke-Rui (vocals), Marc Badtke (keyboards, who has now departed), Stephan Braun (bass) and Sven Fischer (drums) . . . who together make some quite lovely music, with that West Coast ‘jam band’ feel . . . stretching out to an unhurried 10 minutes plus on a couple of numbers.

The opening “Bed Of Coals” lays down the outfit’s credentials . . . with an almost reggae-beat over which Timm plays some lovely melodic guitar, with the really fine vocals of Puschke-Rui to the fore; the following “Laughing Tear” is dominated by some sweet piano from Marc Badtke . .. it brought to mind classic Supertramp to me, complete with harmony vocals and more expressive guitar playing.

The band get funky on “Charlie Brown” as the rhythm section of Stephan Braun and Sven Fischer lay down a driving groove over which Badkte and Timm add their respective instruments . . . it’s very West Coast in feel and never overstays its welcome at 10 minutes plus. The exotically titled “Seven Husbands Of Suzanne” again starts in funk territory, as the afore-mentioned seven husbands have their tales told – Christopher Timm again catches the ear with another display of fine, economical playing.

“Rosie Finger” has a galloping country tempo to it, with this most appealing release ended by the rousing “Changing Things” . . . a freewheeling, driving number, inspired by W.B. Yeats poem, “The Song Of The Happy Shepherd” . . . showing what a truly international and wonderful thing music is – a German band, with US West Coast influences taking hold of a legendary Irish poet’s work and creating something very nice indeed!

This may be hard to get hold of, but I would suggest it is well worth tracking down if possible . . . . highly recommended!


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