Review: The Adrian Gautrey Band – BJs Blues Club at The Hop Pocket, Chorley

Posted on: Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

Thursday, 13th December, 2012

This super blues rock trio from the Southport area are a power to be reckon with when you talk about the” Giants of the Rock World” that have been with us it seems a life time the likes of Free, ZZ Top, Hendrix, Queen, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Joe Bonamassa, Rory Gallagher, you get the picture, such are their influences on us and their music deep within us.

Step forward Adrian Gautrey lead guitar and lead vocal, a master of the ‘rock style guitar’ as of the above. He tantalises his audience with his skilful renditions of the rock classics and his voice when the band cover Free’s “Wishing Well” and others is uncanny his range is unbelievable and the sound and effects are as original as you can get just brilliant. Adrian was bitten by the bug when he was a teenager and has progressed now to the point of being heralded as one of the best rock guitarists in the North West.

The rhythm section of this trio are one of the best I’ve heard, and is in the capable hands of Karl Nadin on a five-string fretless bass guitar and on the drums is Niall Williams –  talk about tight, just stupendous. It is no surprise to me that wherever they go and play they have a faithful following of rock fans and you don’t get that by just being mediocre or pretty good you need to be better than brilliant, and that’s what you get from The Adrian Gautrey Band.


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