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Posted on: Thursday, Dec 20, 2012

We don’t usually put posts on this detailed or lengthy, but Black and Tan is the home of the fantastic David Philips who we are huge fans of, so big chunks of news about him here and also label owner Jan Mittendorp’s other artistes and projects:

This will be the last newsletter of 2012 and there for I’d like to wish you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the BEST for 2013. Looking back at 2012 I must say that it has been a great year. The good thing of being self employed as music professional for almost 30 years is that I grew accustomed to uncertainly and small budgets. So far I even didn’t notice any effect of the current economic tide.

– – – – M I D E M   2 0 1 3
From January 26 – 29 I will be in Cannes (France) attending Midem. Midem is the annual global gahtering of the music industry. I hope to make new business connections and get my music to new people and new territories. If you are attending Midem too, let me let me know so we can meet in person and have a coffee.

– – – – S P E C I A L   O F F E R
We are cleaning up our old stock we are offering several nice priced CD packages in our web shop. Check em out here:

– – – – D A V I D  P H I L I P S    – – – –

This month we released a single from the upcoming album. The track is titled  A SAILOR’S SONG and at at this point only released digitally. Here is a link to the track on YouTube

The track is available in all major download stores and here is the link for iTunes.

The complete album will be released on February 4, 2013. The album will be titled DECEMBER WINE (4 track tapes). It is  collection of new songs, started out as demos, recorded on a 4 track cassette machine made in the 80’s. Because the result was so nice and authentic that David and I decided to release them as an official album.

Here is a little appetizer. It’s a trailer video that David made:

on the single release is already coming in:

The Six O’Clock Shadow: Like all good troubadours, he pulls the listener into his story

Something Else Reviews (USA): “A Sailor’s Song” is a soulful but straightforward folk tune sung and played not too unlike Kelly Joe Phelps…which means I’m liking this already.

You can read the complete reviews at the Black and Tan site

From February 14 – March 25 David will be on tour to promote the new record in Belgium, Holland , Germany and Switzerland:
Febr 15,  Utrecht (NL), Ramble On @ Kargadoor
Febr 16, Brussels (B),  houseconcert
Febr 19 (afternoon), Tilburg (NL), Sounds (in-store concert)
Febr 19 (evening), Tilburg (NL), StuKaFest
Febr 20, Zevenaar (NL), Filmhuis
Febr 22, Haren (B), Toogenblik
Febr 23, Oostburg (NL), The Lane
Febr 24, Nieuweschans (NL), De Oude Remise
Febr 25 (morning), Winschoten (NL), recording FolkEnZo @ Dollard Radio
Febr 25, (evening) Bergen op Zoom (NL), Crossroads Acoustic @ Zwijnshoofd
Febr 26 (afternoon), Rotterdam (NL), Live uit Lloyds / RTV Rijnmond
Febr 26 (evening), Asten (NL), In de Brouwerij
Febr 27, Eindhoven (NL), ‘t Rozenknopje
Febr 28, Moorslede (B), De Nodige Deugd
March 1, Waardamme (B), Cowboy Up
March 3, Amen (NL), Cafe de Amer
March 5, Den Bosch )NL), Blue Room Sessions @ Verkadefabriek
March 6 (afternoon), Enkhuizen (NL), recording for Americana Radio
March 6 (evening), Amsterdam (NL), Songlines Live @ Kapitein Zeppos
March 7, Norderstedt (D), Music Star
March 10, Wijk aan Zee (NL), Timboektoe
March 11, Kontich (B), De Wipschutter
March 12, Nijmegen (NL), Ramble on Tuesday @ Cafe Trianon
March 14, Haacht (B), Bastide
March 15, Heerlen (NL), Southern Blues Night
March 16 (afternoon), Venlo (NL), Sounds (in-store concert)
March 16 (evening), Bakkeveen (NL), Muziekpodium Bakkeveen @ Slotplaats
March 19, Trier (D), Brauners Blues Corner @ Brunnenhof
March 20, Dillenburg (D), GoLittleSong @ Erbse
March 21, Miltenberg (D), Beavers
March 22 – 31, Switzerland
May 30, London (UK), The Raven & the Blues
May 31, Uttoxeter (UK), The Acoustic Festival of Britain

The quickest and probably cheapest way (12,99 EUR shipping included) to get your copy of David’s current record is direct from the source in our own web store. In the store you will also find David’s previous album (Heal Yourself Alone). Here is the direct link to the web store

Here are the links to David’s music at some of the most popular download sites:

Here you can find music and information and also interact / support David.!/dphilipsmusic

– – – –  M I X E N D O R P  – – – –

I also released a new track called TRY ME ONE MORE TIME; a remix of one of the  Mississippi Big Beat song. Here you can listen to it at SoundCloud:

The track is released digital only and here is the link to iTunes:

The miXendorp project really took off and this year and in 2012 I did over forty shows in nine countries.
If you know places where I can play/spin my music live feel free to share them with me.

Here are the links to the new tracks at some of the most popular download sites:

Of course the CD (Blues + Beat) is also still available. The quickest and probably cheapest way (12,99 EUR shipping included) to get your copy is direct from the source in my own webstore

At these links you can listen, follow, interact with and support miXendorp!/miXendorp

– – – –  C R U S H E R S   2

That is Jasper Mortier (drums) and myself on guitar. Recently we started writing new songs together with DEDE PRIEST and last month we recorded several of those. Here is an example

CRUSHERS 2 feat. DEDE PRIEST are available for live bookings from January 2013

At these links you can follow, listen and interact with Crushers2

– – – – B O O   B O O   D A V I S  – – –

here are the confirmed dates for the upcoming tour in April / May 2013
April 7, Amen (NL), Cafe de Amer
April 13, Pulawy (PL), POK Dom Chemika
April 14, Tarnowskie Gory (PL), TCK
April 16, Olstzyn (PL), POD Amfitatrem
April 17, Elblag (PL), Klub Mjazzga
April 18, Gdynia (PL), Blues Club
April 19, Roth (D), Rother Bluestage
April 26, Thun, Cafe Mokka
April 27, Hard (A), Kammgarn
April 29, Zurich (CH), El Lokal
May 3, Oblarn (A), Lausbar

You can join and follow and support Boo Boo at these links

The quickest and cheapest way to get all Boo Boo’s CD’s is direct from the source in our own web store. In the store you will find all six releases from Boo Boo. They are only 12,99 EUR shipping included. Here is the direct link to our web store

Here are the links to Boo Boo’s music at some of the most popular download sites:

– – – – M I S S I S S I P P I   B I G   B E A T   – – – – – –

At this point these track will be released digital. So the only way to get them is by downloading them on iTunes or any other legal download platform. Here are the links to some of the most popular ones:

Here you can find information and also interact / support Mississippi Big Beat:!/MBigBeat

– – – –  B L U E S B E A T   C H A N N E L – – – – –
Make sure to check out the BLUESBEAT CHANNEL at LAUT.FM. Lot’s of blues (and related music) that you normally don’t hear in a blues show. Every now and then there will be some strange sounding (German language) commercials coming thru. All idea’s or suggestions to add more music are welcome. Feel free to share the link + information in any way you want.

– – – –  Y O U   C A N   H E L P    – – – –
Feel free to share, embed, re-tweet anything that you found and liked in this newsletter. All suggestions on how the spread this information and music to as many people as possible, are always very welcome.

– – – – B L A C K   A N D   T A N   R E C O R D S   – – – –
Black and Tan is my independent record label and I am passionate about music. At the web site you can find all information plus lots of other and interesting stuff (pictures, links, opinions). The content is updated almost regulary.

If you want to stay in touch with (and support) the label on FACEBOOK I suggest you go to the fan page and hit the LIKE button. On the Facebook page I am not only keeping you up-to-date with the latest news but also feature a lot of the great music that I released in the past.
Here is the link;

– – – –   C R O S S R O A D S  – – – – – –
European bookings for Boo Boo Davis, David Philips, miXendorp and Crushers2

Follow and interact with us at  these links

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
keeping living music alive
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