Review: Various Artistes – Jock’s Juke Joint: Contemporary Blues from Scotland Vol 2

Posted on: Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

Jock's Juke Joint #2

Various Artistes – Jock’s Juke Joint
Contemporary Blues From Scotland Vol 2
Lewis Hamilton Music LHMSBC22012

As the title indicates, this is the second volume of contemporary blues from Scotland. It comprises 18 tracks from as many bands/artistes, 17 of which are original compositions – the other being a new arrangement of a traditional song.

The album bursts into life with “Try Anything Twice”, a typically upbeat rocker from Blues ‘n’ Trouble with Tim Ellliot and Sandy Tweeddale in fine form on vocals and guitar respectively. The pace is maintained by The Kennel Wages with “Fighting Over You” before Wang Dang Delta slow things down with the jazz-tinged ballad, “Shutting Out The World”. A particular delight ensues as The 4 Als deliver “Jam‘al”, a fast-moving instrumental. The four Als are brilliant guitarists Nimmo and Brown, backed by a top notch rhythm section of Thompson (bass) and Webster (drums).

Female vocalists are well-represented by Zimbabwean-born Cynthia Gentle (with The True Tones), Angela Moore of Baby Isaac, Lynsey Dolan and Leah Gourley, while acoustic blues makes its presence felt through The Binsness Bluesboys, John Alexander, Englishman Richard Young, Hot Tin Roof (Andy McKay Challen and Gavin Jack) and Dougie Burns.

Other bands include Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters with “Don’t Tell Me”, The Blueswater with “Should I Be Bad Or Good”, complete with a substantial brass section, and the bizarrely-named Earl Grey and The Loose Leaves, who brew up a storm on “Needle In The Sand”. Finally, highly-acclaimed harmonica player, Fraser Speirs, and impressive young guitarist, Lewis Hamilton, provide the icing on the cake with the appropriately-titled instrumental “There You Are Now”. And there you are, with a very entertaining programme of Scotland-based music without a bagpipe, kilt or tam o’ shanter in sight.

Lionel Ross

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