Review: Buddy Guy – Live At Legends

Posted on: Thursday, Jan 17, 2013


Buddy Guy – Live At Legends

(Silvertone  / RCA Records 88765-43762-2)

Although, some may say that this is merely a ‘patchwork quilt’ of an album, in that it is a collection of the last live recordings of Buddy performing live at his ‘Legends’ club in 2010, but they miss the essential point of his music; for it is in the ‘live’ arena that Buddy is in his element, twisting, contorting and stretching those guitar strings for the most spine tingling effect as he splendidly tantalises and interacts with his spellbound audience.

In the seven live numbers Buddy pays tribute to Muddy Waters with an industrial strength string bending version of “Mannish Boy,” which leads into a rollicking, steamrollering wah-wah fuelled “I Just Wanna Make Love to You / Chicken Heads” and simmers down for a more relaxed and thoughtful gospel inspired version of “Skin Deep”, which features a tasty and very satisfying lilting and comforting sitar sounding guitar solo. At various points between numbers Buddy explains in rather colourful language to his adoring fans that the numbers may, or may not follow their usual path.

Buddy’s signature number “Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues,” is a howling, whining and screeching blaster with enough venom in it to strip paint. The two medleys “Boom Boom / Strange Brew” and “Voodoo Chile / Sunshine of Your Love”,  are Buddy’s raw and raucous renditions of the re-imagined, re-imported rock infused blues that the English brought to America in the sixties in tribute to their musical heroes.

The remaining studio numbers are; “Polka Dot Blues”, a reference to his own Stratocaster guitar; this is a burning and rousing slowburner in which guitar and piano wind their way forward. “Comin’ For You”, is a hardballin’, funkin’, guitar / brass / organ strutter that is brash, blousy and bloody good! To calm the fevered brow “Country Boy”, is a very pleasant and satisfying piano led soft country blues slowburner.

Whilst this album may not be an introduction to Buddy Guy it certainly tells you all about his position in the blues world.




(Pic above: Paul Natkin)

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