Review: Henrik Freischlader Band – House In The Woods

Posted on: Monday, Jan 21, 2013

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Henrik Freischlader Band – House In The Woods

(Cable Car Records: CCR 0311-39)

Here’s a fine album, in the ‘one that got away’ category from the latter-part of 2012 . . . . the Henrik Freischlader Band following up the breakthrough “Still Frame Replay”, with “House In The Woods”, and with a live DVD also out, and their latest UK tour approaching a few words seem appropriate now!

A 10-song set, all composed by the brilliant German guitarist Freischlader himself, straddles the boundaries and genres, from rock to blues, with touches of funk and soul for good measure. He possesses fantastic guitar prowess and tone and is a more than serviceable singer . . . . the rest of the band being Bjorn Kruger (drums and backing vocals), Theofilos Fotiadis (bass and backing vocals) and Moritz Fuhrhop (Hammond and keys).

The funky title track, “House In The Woods” kicks things off, and it is also complete with some fiery leads from Freischlader; it’s followed by the mid-tempo groove of “Sisters”, with telling contributions from keyboard player Moritz Fuhrhop. He also features on the soulful “Nowhere To Go”, with its nagging guitar motif and nice vocal from Henrik Freischlader. The lovely ballad “Breaking My Heart Again” is a delight – far removed from the dreaded rock/blues tag sometimes bestowed on Freischlader.

However, the band do rock out on occasion, no more so than on “Take The Blame”, which is probably the toughest tune here; it leads into the strutting, driving “Hear Your Talking” which fairly powers along, driven by another display of Freischlader’s tasteful guitar ‘chops’. The pace is taken down for the excellent “Two Young Lovers”, another powerful ballad, with fine performances from all the band.

The penultimate “With The Flow” is back in funky territory, and this fine release ends in style with the 8:01 of “Won’t You Help Me” . . . . a soulful, bluesy ballad with some quite glorious guitar work, that never overstays it welcome, and shows why the Henrik Freischlader Band are now making waves across all of Europe!


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