Review: The Boozie Woozie Band – BJs Blues Club at The Hop Pocket, Chorley

Posted on: Sunday, Feb 3, 2013

Thursday, 31st January, 2013

This fab four of musicians are of the highest calibre, they take a blues classic or a rock and roll classic and give it a bit of a twist and it works very well, a little bit of swing or boogie woogie and you have a retro 50s/60s style band, just terrific. Mr “piano” Andy Stones is a fantastic keys man, his rendition of “Great Balls Of Fire” just demonstrated his musical abilities, just one of many, this guy can play. The bands tongue-in-cheek approach is refreshing but behind the mirth and banter from Andy there is some serious music being played.

The bands extensive repertoire is at the fingertips of Andy as he shuffles through his book of sheet music and with very few words selects the next cover tells the band what key it’s in and away they go, very impressive indeed. The band played covers from Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Elmore James, Hank Williams, Eric Clapton, Jessie Fuller and James Brown – a kaleidoscope of memorable hits. Horace Dogson on a plucky double bass and backing vocals was just superb.

On lead guitar was Paul Kistner – be it swing , blues or rock and roll he can do the lot, brilliant, and lastly on the drums Rick Lacey. Rick is one of the most sought after drummers in the North West region, playing in several bands and involved in studio work as required such are his skills (have drums will travel). Rick tells me he is off to America, New Orleans to be exact in April or May the jazz and blues scene beckons, and a trip to Clarksdale – yes The CROSSROADS – lucky guy. We heard and we liked we liked what we saw, we laughed at the mirth and danced to the music, the audience applauded –  “SIMPLES”.


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