Review: Bart Walker – Waiting On Daylight

Posted on: Monday, Feb 4, 2013


Bart Walker – Waiting On Daylight

(Ruf Records: RUF1185)

After receiving his first guitar at the age of four from his father, Bart never stopped playing and practising; playing mainly the bluegrass music that his father loved and played himself.  Bart also confides that he was not even aware of electric guitars until the age of twelve but, after hearing Stevie Ray Vaughan he eagerly switched guitars.

Since those early days he has continued to improve and the culmination of his endeavours recently gained him the ‘Gibson Guitar Award’ of 2012 at the International Blues Challenge,  also Bart’s band took second place in the band category of the same blues challenge helping to establish their overall position in the blues world.  Part of his evident learning curve has been his time spent playing lead guitar in country rocker, Bill Dices’ band.

Moving from Bart’s base in Nashville, to producer Jim Gaines studio in Stantonville, the band consisting of; Dave Smith on bass, Steve Potts; drums, Rick Steff; keyboards and Bart; lead guitar / vocals, together they very easily settled down into creating a rolling, greasy, hair-bristling fuzz-laden sound with echoes of the urban grit that ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynryd and the Allman Brothers achieved so effortlessly.

With vocals not dissimilar to Van Morrison and a thundering slow-paced sound, the numbers glide and glow like a float in a summer parade.  The low level haunting, whining guitar groove on “Girl You Bad”,” slips so easily inside your brain. While the Hendrix wah-wah influenced “Gotta Be You”, steamrollers along with a joyously infectious backbeat which supports a wonderfully ringing, haranguing guitar, that rides so imperiously over the top.

“Waiting On Daylight” is a very thoughtful and satisfying funky slowburner consisting of well paced low guitar and organ. One of the kicking slideburners is the well lively rendition of J.B. Hutto’s “Hipshake It”.  The nearest thing to a love song on the album is the enticing swirling/ swampy/rolling guitar sounds of “Mary and Me”.

Great stuff!


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