RIP: Roscoe Chenier – 1941-2013

Posted on: Friday, Feb 8, 2013

Sad to record the death of Roscoe Chenier, the Louisana-born guitarist, at the age of 71 – the cousin of the zydeco accordion legend, Clifton Chenier. He had recorded for many labels, including the Dutch-based Black & Tan Records.


Pete Evans

February 9th, 2013 at 00:56
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Played a really memorable night for us about 10/11 years ago. I remember him as being a lovely person who during the interval asked if he could ring home to speak to his grand daughter as he was missing her so much. I remember having to explain to the treasurer of the rugby club (where we used to hold Hooker Blues Club) how we had a 20 minute phone bill to Louisiana!!! Would have allowed him an hour as I know how much I miss my grand daughter when I’m away for a period of time!