Pocket Full of Soul – The Harmonica Documentary

Posted on: Saturday, Feb 9, 2013

After years of trying, it looks like they finally managed to get “Pocket Full of Soul” released.



Pocket Full of Soul, the definitive film on the harmonica, is a comprehensive exploration of the culture, the players, the politics, and of course the music associated with the only instrument where one must breathe naturally to produce sound. This simple act, breathing through the harmonica, forms an undeniable connection between the player and the instrument as it captures the body and spirit of each individual musician that puts it to their mouth. It’s truly a universal phenomenon and the sound, well, it’s undeniable.

Every musician embarks on a journey, and as Pocket Full of Soul was coming together, there was a realization that a vast majority of these journeys have involved the harmonica to some extent. Sure the harmonica is a pure and simple staple of the blues and rock, but also a constant in big-band, be-bop, polka, Classical, and Jazz. For those that made it “their” instrument, the journeys, more like odysseys, took these respective musicians deep inside the instrument. They would discover the power, the mystery, and musicality of the instrument, once considered a toy, as only those who truly embrace it and make it a part of their life can understand. Through interviews, instruction and candid discussion laced with pure passion and a seemingly dire need to play the harp, Pocket Full of Soul provides a raw and unvarnished look at the instrument’s rich subculture and its subsequent ubiquity.

With Huey Lewis as the narrator, Pocket Full of Soul travels the world to illustrate and educate on the instrument’s history, versatility, and present impact. Interviews, stories, how-to’s and stellar performances by masters like James Cotton, Charlie Musselwhite, John Popper, Magic Dick, Lee Oskar, Rick Estrin, Delbert McClinton, Jerry Portnoy, Kim Wilson and newcomer Jason Ricci should be thrilling enough to get you to dig that old harmonica out of your sock drawer and start drawin’ some blues riffs through the reeds. Just remember, anyone can play and no two players play alike.

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