Bluefunk update: King King venue change

Posted on: Tuesday, Feb 12, 2013

Some important Bluefunk news in from Garry White:

This is an important announcement re the King King gig scheduled for 28th February at the Poynton ‘Workies’. Due to circumstances beyond my control I am unable to obtain a PA system of suitable quality to install at the ‘Workie’s on that date.

There is no way I am cancelling one of the finest blues Bands ever to have graced the UK circuit so I have moved the gig to one of the other venues I am currently working with, namely The Snow Goose Live on Mill Street, Macclesfield, SK11 6NR.

There is a superb PA system in-house there, which both Simon and Elliot are extremely familiar with so the problem is alleviated.

Loads of people have already booked on for this gig as it was bound to be popular. Those reservations are sound from my point of view, if however the change of venue is a problem for any of you please let me know. It might be wise if you were to confirm your booking just so I know you have received this information.  On the plus side we now have room to accommodate all those who haven’t yet booked on.

The obvious question that I know will be asked is “is Bluefunk moving there permanently?”  The honest answer is no. The problem is purely an absence of a suitable mixing desk. If and when I solve that it will be business as usual.

I like the WMC and it has been good to Bluefunk. This is purely an equipment problem which can only be solved with pound notes. The kind of desk we need tend to be very expensive to hire, so we need to own one.

However, the Snow Goose Live can accommodate bands that can’t be accommodated at the WMC, ie it is bigger, has a higher spec sound system than I could ever bring in, and I can use it any night of the week to capture touring bands that I would otherwise miss out on. It is therefore an important addition to the Bluefunk venue portfolio.

There will be another very positive newsletter along very shortly.

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