Review: Mighty Mojos – Hook Line And Sinker

Posted on: Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013

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Mighty Mojos – Hook Line And Sinker


This quartet from Northern Ireland features Alan Ward; lead vocals and harmonica, David McClean; guitars, former ‘Them’ players Davy Kennedy; drums and Ali McKenzie; bass, together they produce and sustain a tight, fast paced collection of performances that are even more evidently impressive  on the two live numbers firstly, Muddy Waters’  “Can’t Be Satisfied” and Tampa Red’s “Don’t You Lie To Me.”

The former a floor-stomping racing slide driven howler with Alan’s voice scorching your eardrums alongside pulsating harp play, with the latter delivering a sort of swampy, screaming slide dominated groove with a raucous harmonica over the top, splendid.

The other nine numbers are also played with a zest and gusto that incorporates rockabilly, dirty swampy blues, Southern boogie and classic blues.  This sweat-stained, itchy, crisp sound is at times infused with that ear ringing tantalising special something that only Irish guitarists seem to gain from playing age old reels and blues.

Alan’s previous experience of playing in heavy metal bands has given him a distinctly scarred, sensuously raw, raucous voice that is oh so suited to the blues; it is very evident and to the fore on Keb Mo’s “Am I Wrong,” a poignant rolling, stomping acoustic with a fine hooting harmonica in the background, above all this, is Alan’s emotive liquid gravel vocals.

“Hook Line And Sinker,” “White Lightining” and “I Want It All,” are delicious heads down rockers, while a beautifully breezy “Cindylou,” is a footappin’ rockabilly delight. On the slower side there is Robert Johnsons’ “Come On In My Kitchen,” here, a somewhat mournful and powerful slide is keenly matched with a sympathetic harmonica, while over the top Alan provides equally mournful vocals. This is a fine, fine debut.


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