Review: Walker Broad – A Walk Abroad

Posted on: Friday, Feb 22, 2013


Walker Broad – A Walk Abroad

( Self-produced: ARB CD014)

 Andy Broad is a more than able guitarist who’s extremely subtle and mellow style combines delicate almost submerged Jazz undertones with full bloodied Blues playing, while Sandy Walker has her roots in Folk with the occasional foray into Blues and Latino music. Together they decided in 2010 to combine their not inconsiderable talents to collaborate on an album that would fuse together all the elements of their respective skills and knowledge.

Sandy has supplied the lyrics for the 15 highly original compositions with Andy; acoustic and electric guitars, bringing these numbers to life, joining him are; Simon Tufnail; fretless bass and Alan Blackmore; cajon and various other peculiar percussive instruments.

Sandy’s deceptively strong yet almost ephemeral vocals are reminiscent of Jaqui McShee from Pentangle and superbly entwines with Andy’s faultlessly enticing intricate musical canvas.

With over seventy minutes of infectious diverse material on offer here you can only fully appreciate this music after a goodly number of plays, from the gently comfort weaving hypnotic acoustic guitar of “If Can Do,” through to the slow, slow blues of “No Words,” its sweet rich jazz tinged guitar melds beautifully with Sandy’s delicate, vulnerably fragile vocals.

The everyday tales of an individuals aims and ambitions as depicted in numbers such as; “Sally Latino,” and “Small Steps,” is reminiscent of the honest and amiable smile inducing down to earth humour that Nick Lowe and Kirsty McColl are rightly remembered for.

While this album is not the Blues it should certainly not be dismissed out of hand, for there a more than enough Blues infused, inflected, and simply goodtime toe-tapping numbers to satisfy all. Its broad diversity alone is worthy of its investigation.



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