Review: Blue To Brown (self-titled)

Posted on: Tuesday, Feb 26, 2013


Blue To Brown (self-titled)

(Remedy Records: DOMB003)

This is the debut album of Rob Brown; lead vocals and Dom Brown; guitars and bass, a father and son team who play together with Darrin Mooney; drums, Martin Winning; saxophone,  and Mike Bramwell; keyboards. Dom is currently Duran Duran’s lead guitarist having replaced Andy Taylor in 2006; but this very interesting venture is a mixture of hard rock and blues, laced with interweaving jazz flurries.

A fine example of this is “Going Down But, Not Slow,” a funky and blousy saxophone lead, courtesy of Martin Winning that strides in amongst the heavyweight funky drumming and aching, whining and ringing smoky blues guitar from Dom. The dragging, scratchy, almost Hendrix-like sharply stark guitar intro on “Blue Boy,” is grippingly interwoven into the slowly goodtime shuffle that underpins it all.

“Bad Boy,” a quietly leading and weaving Dobro guitar introduces the coarse gravel vocals of Rob who is accompanied by anthem inducing handclapping and fine stirring backing vocals from Anna Ross a slow marching bass drum underpins it all the way to a fine climax. “Talking Blues,” is a winding slow blues which incorporates a low swirling Hammond which is sweetly entwined around a tasteful and sublime ringing guitar, this is all topped off with Robs ever so slow, low vocals.

“Please, Please,” is a very, very pleasant guitar rich, pleading mellow fifties influenced ballad that easily evokes fond memories of ‘that last dance.’ “The Heat Has gone,” is a humorous and amiable low key shuffling Blues concerning a worn out relationship that is related to all and sundry by Rob and guest vocalist Kat Pearson.

The beauty of this album is found in repeated listening, for only then do you appreciate the subtle nuances that are there to be found. Impressive!


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