Review: 3AM – Long Time Coming

Posted on: Tuesday, Mar 5, 2013

3AM CD Cover

Review: 3AM – Long Time Coming
(Self-produced album: 3AM4)

3AM combine the talents of singer Laura Long, guitarist Tim Renton, drummer Andy Renton, bass player Fussi Andersen and keyboard player Chris Parren. There is also a guest appearance by saxophonist Oti Arlotto. The album comprises nine tracks, which include six original compositions.

“Sweet Loving Woman” provides a lively opening, which is built on by the bouncing rocker “For The First Time”, which has more than a suggestion of Canned Heat about it. The bluesy ballad, “Someone To Love”, features a lovely guitar solo before an excellent version of Percy Mayfield’s “Early Monday Morning” is embellished by a tasty sax solo and some fine keyboard tinkling.

“Tomorrow” is a gentle, Petula Clark-like ballad while the upbeat “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is driven by a predominant drum beat. “Know Your Man” provides three minutes of very pleasant, easy syncopation in direct contrast to the slow, Muddy Waters-style shuffle, “Insatiable”, that follows it. The album is concluded with the upbeat blues rocker, “Highway”, which sees all band members at their best, including the delivery of a couple of impressive guitar solos and some nifty keyboard playing.

The tightly-assembled, highly-skilled musicianship complements the Dani Wilde-like vocals of Laura Long, which are particularly effective on the bouncier, full-blown numbers. The album also demonstrates the band’s considerable versatility in the range of musical styles presented.


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