Review: Cry Baby & The Hoochie Coochie Boys – The Hop Pocket, Chorley

Posted on: Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thursday, 9th May, 2013

It was a party atmosphere at The Hop Pocket when Cry Baby & The Hoochie Coochie boys were live at BJ’s Rock in the Blues Show. This six piece band from the Stoke-on-Trent area are talented musicians of the highest order – I see them as often as I can, such is the magnetism of the band, and always a good vibrant show.

“Mr G” Graham Sells on guitar and lead vocal is a gentle giant and a brilliant front man, has a unique vocal range, guttural, powerful just what a blues/and r&b man needs, it is said he gargles with rusty razor blades and nails and the odd guitar string as a starter, whatever the recipe it is very effective indeed. “Cry Baby” alias Rob Wilkinson on harp and vocals was born with his harmonica strapped to his bib – he is a wonderful player and has a box of harps to choose from liken to a baby’s toy cupboard with his favourites hid inside – just brilliant.

The rhythm section is just top notch on drums is Andy “Motor” Carr – his repertoire as a drummer is vast and can turn his hands to anything you throw at him, and on a rocking bass guitar is Trevor “Roll Up” Pinson, a perfect executor and another fine musician. Vince “The Gov” Cutliffe on lead/slide guitar and mandolin, a superb musician and he raises the bar of contempary guitar playing; and finally on keyboards is Mark Hargreaves, sharing the lead at times and his solos were spot on. Mark plays with an uncomplicated style from the school of Stevie Winwood.

The band gave us a mix of blues and r&b as well as several original numbers by the band from their album entitled “Sweet Thing” from 2011. A guest appearance by Colin Black on lead guitar from The Stumble” graced the stage for one number and he is a good friend of the band.


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