Review: Forty4 – 44 Minutes

Posted on: Sunday, May 19, 2013


What a fantastic new CD from these class blues/funk guys. The album is so well produced … it was put together by award winning producer Pete Brown … it really shows what a great band FORTY4 really are. Check out the sampler tracks on the website


Forty4 hail from the Liverpool area and have been playing together since 2007. The album features Neil Partington on guitar and all vocals. Neil has been active in writing many of the numbers for the album. On guitar  is Paul Starkey – a fine musician in the school of Clapton. On bass for the album, is Steve Brown one of the original members of Forty4, he has sadly had to leave the band due to illness and has now been replaced by Bill Price. On keyboard is Glen Lewis, a class musician who also runs his own music school. Last but by no means least is Nick Lauro, a seasoned drummer who is affectionately known as ‘The Drum Doctor’.

The first track, ‘Pack It Up’ brings together a bit of jazz, a bit of funk with that New Orleans feel, some great guitar work from the guys and superb vocals from Neil.

Track 2, ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ provides funky rhythms in a great bluesy number.

The next track ‘Loving By The Truck Load’, a Forty4’s own number, is the classic ‘Rhythm and Groove’, with an R&B flavour, there is some great piano work from Glen.

Love this blues boogie number ‘Just Good Cause’ , another self penned track, again some great guitar work and Hammond keyboard.

‘Feels so Good’ is pure ‘funk’ and written in the individual style of Forty4.

Like a blast from the past, although written by the guys, ‘Keep The Meter Running’ provides a great funky feel with some ace drum work from Nick

The guys make this classic ‘Black Cat Bone’ their own … blues with a funky edge. A great Hammond sound again from Glen

A cool blues with jazzy overtones, ‘A Man For Good Loving’, is in the style of swing with great jazz piano from Glen, and is yet another Forty4 number.

Now for a bit of ‘rock n’ roll’, ‘Taking My Love’ is an up tempo good old R&B number, although put together by Forty4, with a great guitar solo by Paul

The band’s name sake, the classic Howlin Wolf number ‘Forty-Four’, is brilliantly performed in their own style.

The album is a brilliant mix of styles and definitely is the height of ‘rhythm and groove’!!! Take a listen and see what you think!!

Rosy Greer (Lancashire Blues Archive)

(Pic: Ian Williams)

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