Review: Albany Down – Not Over Yet

Posted on: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Albany Down CD Cover

Review: Albany Down – Not Over Yet

Albany Down comprises Paul Muir on vocals, Paul Turley on guitar, Damien Campbell on drums and Billy Dedman on bass. The album comprises twelve original compositions and everything about it exudes quality: the songwriting, the singing, the musicianship, the production and the publicity material.

After a somewhat unconnected Indian-oriented opening, the first track, “Back Again”, develops into a meaty, hard-driven rocker, the mood of which is extended by “You’d Better Run”, which delivers some superb guitar playing. “Take The Town” increases the tempo before “”Man Like Me” eases the tension with a slightly lighter touch. The title song then bounces relentless along and takes the vocals and guitar work into overdrive.

“My Lucky Streak” adds a boogie beat to the mix while the bluesy ballad “You Ain’t Coming Home” is brilliantly sung by Paul Muir and embellished by Paul Turley with some Bonamassa-like artistry. “She’s The Light” reintroduces an Indian ambience, which, unlike the opening track, very effectively permeates the rest of the number.

“You Wanna Be My Baby” is a lively foot-tapper, “Travelling Blues” an upbeat, funky-edged rocker and “Who Do You Think You Are” a heavier, more insistent number featuring another helping of terrific vocals. The album closes with “The Working Man”, another excellent, slow, bluesy ballad.

Whilst categorisation can often be pedantic and unhelpful, it must be said that this album stands unequivocally at the rock end of the blues-rock spectrum – its full sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and Whitesnake. On the other hand, the blues circuit would deny itself considerable pleasure if it eschewed this magnificent quartet, which combines the exceptional frontline talents of Muir and Turley with the top notch rhythm section of Campbell and Dedman. Highly recommended.


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