Review: The Hamilton Loomis Band at Garston Royal British Legion – 22nd May, 2013

Posted on: Friday, May 24, 2013

The Hamilton Loomis Band at Garston Royal British Legion, Liverpool – 22.5.2013

Hamilton Loomis returned to Liverpool after a gap of two and a half years to be warmly greeted by a very substantial gathering of his loyal fans. On this occasion, he was backed by a new ensemble that comprised fellow Americans, Fabian Hernandez on sax and keyboards and Armando Aussenac on drums, and one of Britain’s finest bass guitarists, Roger Inniss.

After a typically funky opening instrumental, the band delivered the whimsical “(Something Wrong With) My Pen”, a tongue-in-cheek lament of songwriter’s block, before introducing “She’s Had Enough”, the first of many numbers from their brand new album, Give It Back. For the title song of the album, Fabian Hernandez switched to keyboards, while Roger Inniss provided some intricate bass work on “Stuck In A Rut”.

The upbeat rocker, “Eternally”, had more than a hint of Stevie Wonder about it and a very tasty sax solo. The highly popular “No, No, No” represented the band’s “Live In England” album before “Partner In Crime” afforded Armando Aussenac the opportunity to display his very considerable mastery of the percussive art. The set closed with an energetic performance of “Bow Wow”, with Hamilton enthralling the audience with a customary walkabout and table-top stances as he delivered a brilliant, extended guitar solo.

The second set exploded into life with “Workin’ Real Hard”, which featured another cracking saxophone solo. The Latin-rhythmed “One More Take” occasioned a return to the new album and was followed by the funky “”Where We Started”, which was superbly driven by the magical rhythm section and incorporated a phenomenal bass solo. “What It Is” bore witness to Hamilton Loomis’s harmonica skills before the magnificent set was brought to a close with the excellent “Slow Lover”, which wandered in and out of a boogie beat and delivered yet more guitar-based artistry.

The loudly-demanded encore , “Get My Blues On”, provided a fitting climax to a fantastic evening’s entertainment, which saw four consummate professionals at the very top of their individual and collective game.


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