Review: Tinsley Ellis – Get It!

Posted on: Sunday, May 26, 2013


Tinsley Ellis – Get It!

(Heartfixer Music: HFM1010)

For the first time in his thirty year career Tinsley has chosen to record an instrumental album; thus allowing his virtuosity on guitar to do the singing for him and sing it does. Only two of the ten numbers are covers; firstly, Bo Diddley’s “Detour,” a kicking road-runner that possess an almost surf sounding ringing and running pleasing groove that dances all along the fret board. While the other one is  Freddie King’s “Freddy’s Midnight Dream,” a calming and floating lyrically emotion bathed ballad that splendidly raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

The anguish and pain for the loss the great Roy Buchanan on “Anthem For A Fallen Hero,” is all to visceral with Tinsley literally pulling at the strings to achieve a towering crescendo of passion.

“Front Street Freeze “is a funky, fuzzy, sharply stinging tribute to Albert Collins that struts its stuff out of the speakers. The ephemeral sounding “The Milky Way,” seems (to my ears anyway) to contain comforting sustained melodic echoes of Duane Eddy and Hank Marvin; a collection of riffs floating on a gentle and subdued sea of organ work. The dynamic intro to the title number reminds me of nights listening to the ‘Friday night rock show on radio one, way back in the seventies but then we are immediately  transported to the almost loping and swaying strident styles of the lone star state, a tramping and shuffling onward  groove that carries on through to the end.

A dazzling and energy filled “Fuzzbuster,” has all the rumbustious wah, wah elements of Jeff Beck in his stark, relentlessly surging guitar runs. Although Chuck Berry is sometimes not fully appreciated for his blues inflected instrumentals Tinsley champions him with “Berry Tossin’ “ which features a Johnny Johnson styled distant piano that pounds out a rolling and ringing rhythm as the guitar leisurely rocks and rolls, kicking out along the highway.  “Catalunya,” is an exaltation in music to the region of Catalonia; a piece that cascades and surges in the manner of Carlos Santana, the emotion building, fit to burst melancholic sensations take your breath away. Highly Recommended!


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