Review: Hadden Sayers – Rolling Soul

Posted on: Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hadden Sayers – Rolling Soul

(Blue Corn Music:  677967130226)

Hadden, has over a period of time and albums developed a singularly subtle style that encompasses and integrates many differing forms of music whilst, at the same time infusing them with his own trademark easygoing laconic vocals, which contain  a vulnerable enticing edginess within his soft, almost whispering husky tones. The differing arrangements and moods over the twelve original numbers sweep you along as the thought provoking lyrics attract your attention and captivate your imagination; causing you to desire to repeat the experience all over again.

The twelve original numbers here range in style and form from; emotion rich Hi label influences on “Don’t Take Your Love (Out On Me)” and “Something Wrong In the World,” that ooze a gritty soul and funky groove, while the ever urging harmonica on “Want What You Have ,” compliments the foot stomping, raw wah-wah guitar.  “Lay Down Your Worries,” has the joyous Ruthie Foster joining Hadden on the sweet grooving ode to the special ones in out lives.

Throughout the album Hadden continues to display his ability to reach into his own soul and shows us all that we are at times a little tragic inside but sometimes are reticent to allow those feelings to the fore. A nice little jazz influenced jumpin’ jivin’ shuffler in the form of “Tippin’,” blows all those cobwebs away and into dust while, the sombre rolling slow faraway piano on “Insomniac Blues,” creates a painful desolate atmosphere on the slowburner that evokes memories of nights spent without the one you love. Another solemn number is the Johnny Winters / Ruthie Foster inspired slowburner “Alone With The Blues,” this is a tale of misery, depression and loss, the bleak ringing guitar and morose shimmering harmonica combined with deathly drum work says it all.

Despite the sometimes low emotion found here, the album is a joy to listen to. Essential!


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