Review: Lucy Zirins – Chasing Clocks

Posted on: Saturday, Jun 1, 2013


Lucy Zirins – Chasing Clocks


I first encountered Lancashire lass Lucy Zirins playing on the acoustic stage at Dave Sawyer’s first Warrington Blues Festival and was struck by her performance that day . . . several years down the line she has blossomed into a most mature and confident performer and writer. The evidence is here to see on a startlingly impressive debut CD, “Chasing Clocks”, and a whole host of prestigious gigs and festival slots, and blues award nominations.

The album was recorded at the famous analogue Toe Rag Studios in London, and co-produced by its owner Liam Watson, and also the excellent British slide player, Michael Messer . . . it is almost totally recorded live, with just a few extra musicians involved in the recordings. All songs are self-penned and deal with life in general, and are obviously deeply personal to Lucy and delivered with her beautiful voice and from the heart.

In all honesty the music has moved away from her mainly bluesy beginnings, but is pretty hard to tag and maybe that’s no bad thing . . . just a collection of lovely songs that embrace the classic singer/songwriter traits, some folk and Americana and more, with her delicate acoustic guitar playing and vocals.

From the opening “Ready To Fall” through to the closing “Goodnight” this is just lovely . . . other gems are the gentle “Tearing Me Down”, with its weeping pedal steel guitar, courtesy of the maestro, BJ Cole; the pain of “Separate Ways” . . . some sweet cello here; the nod to growing up in her native Burnley, “Home”. All highlight Lucy’s truly mature songwriting prowess, and at, I think, just 21, a lot more is to come!

“Morning Light” has a fuller band feel to it and is another gem, with “Hours To Waste” enhanced by some fine harmonica work. The country-flavoured “The Last One” is again enhanced by more fine pedal steel; this most impressive debut closing with a brace of gentle ballads in “Lullaby” and “Goodnight”. “Chasing Clocks” has been out a good while now so most folk will be aware how good it is . . . but for those who don’t . . . get to it!


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