Review: The Lol Goodman Band – Old Dogs ‘N’ Licks

Posted on: Friday, Jul 19, 2013

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The Lol Goodman Band – Old Dogs ‘N’ Licks


A hard working, well seasoned blues/rock band from Manchester, ‘The Lol Goodman Band’ is Lol Goodman on guitar and vocals, James Horrocks on bass guitar and Jon Firth on drums, the band have put together a CD of self-penned work by Lol.

The first track on the album, ‘You Only Use Me’ is a standard blues/rock number with some good guitar work from Lol. This leads on to the next track ‘Heart, Soul, Love’ which has a rockin’ blues feel with the use of the fuzz box.

The next track ‘Searchin’ Man Blues’ is a good earthy blues number and some great drum work from Jon. Following this is a well put together semi acoustic number ‘Once In A Lifetime’ with a nice electric guitar solo from Lol.

‘Badman Blues’ is a great rockin’ blues number with a guitar solo reminiscent of the 60’s. ‘Isn’t She Sweet’, the next track on the album, has a bit of a country blues feel but with the use of the fuzz box also has the hint of rock.

Slowing down the pace ‘Nothing Changes’ is a nicely worked slow number, before we hot it up again for ‘6 String Hero’ an up tempo well put together rock/blues track.

For a bit more of a ‘funky feel’ , ‘Ordinary Guy’ with a soul influence hits that spot. Some great bass riffs from James and drum rhythms from Jon. Then it’s back to ‘rock’ and ‘Sailed the Skies’ does just that. Great guitar on this track from Lol.

A bit of up tempo rocky R&B on ‘Change My Mood’ to get those feet moving and the last track on the album ‘People High’ gives a nice bit of classic rock.

These guys have worked hard on the album, but maybe a bit more ‘fine tuning’ for the next one with some ‘added extras’ would be good. All in all a good effort and it’s nice to know bands are still out there ‘Keeping Live Music Alive’ so well done The Lol Goodman Band!!

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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