News: Memories of T-Model Ford

Posted on: Saturday, Jul 20, 2013

Pete Evans, of Hooker Blues and Worthenbury Village Hall gigs fame, has kindly shared a great T-Model Ford story with us:

This was the night that the legendary T-Model Ford, 85 at the time, drew his flick knife on me at The Walnut Street Blues Bar in Greenville Mississippi. The photo was taken by the bar owner Danny Peeples. T had played for a couple of hours and at the end of each number had announced his usual “Jack Daniel’s time” and taken a quick slug from his bottle in his guitar case. When the J D was finished he slugged some ‘shine.

At the end of the show he was trying to carry his guitar and amp to his car and was struggling so I offered to carry his old Peavey. I said “Go easy now as you’ve had a few dinks”… “I’m alright – I got my buddy with me” was his reply. “Who’s your buddy?” I said. At this point, in less than the time it took to say Jack Daniels, he brought out his knife and held it at my throat. Beaming all over his face he said ” Meet my buddy…kinda had ya scared there didn’t I”  We then went out to his battered old car with him chuckling all the way. A memorable moment with a great old bluesman.. a quite unique character who will be sadly missed.

(Words and picture kindly supplied by Pete)

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