Review: Tom Gee Band – Better Things To Do (EP)

Posted on: Thursday, Aug 1, 2013


Tom Gee Band – Better Things To Do (EP)


This, new five track E.P. is the latest offering, from the West Yorkshire based eight-piece band. They have been performing together for four years now and have toured the U.K. extensively appearing at such venues as; The Hi Fi and Wardrobe clubs in Leeds and The Hundred Club, The O2 Arena and The Royal Albert Hall in London.

The band is an extremely tight and capable outfit, a fact that is made very evident on these numbers. Together they play a very sweet and mellow laid back mixture of late night George Benson and amiably grooving funky sixties horns; the deliciously rich, slow almost meandering jazz influenced guitar passages are dreamily linked together by an infectiously, laconic series of soothing lapping waves that are emitted from a gently bubbling and rippling keyboard.

Supplying the underpinning backbone to the proceedings is a buoyant and irrepressible horn groove that seems to be a curious combination of Latin and Cuban origins.  The title number is a slow building shuffle which features an enticing ringing guitar and piano with Herb Alpert flavoured horns. This theme is continued with “Shake,” but with a more pronounced jazz groove.

The relaxed, comforting vocals on “Little Smile,” float over a gentle soothing guitar that is entwined with gossamer light keyboards that implore your senses to drift almost into slumber. “You Got Me” and “Listen to Me,” further expand these feelings and themes in a similar fashion with the enjoyably lethargic horns freewheeling away in the background taking you with them.

Very Interesting!


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