Review: MaKuini – Roll Of The Dice EP

Posted on: Saturday, Aug 17, 2013

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MaKuini has had a chequered history over the years, singing in venues around the world, from the clip joints in LA to the London Palladium. Hailing from New Zealand and the Maori community, she moved to England in the late 1970’s.

This lady certainly can sing! Backed by seasoned musicians Pete ‘Sarge’ Frampton’s ‘Hoo Doo Men’, the tracks on her album are a refreshing mix of slow, slinky blues and up tempo numbers and I will look forward to see how the EP will be received in the blues fraternity.

The first track on the album, ‘Corporate Man’, a self penned number, has a feel of Tina Turner in MaKuini’s voice. A great track sung with great spirit and enhanced by the guitar work of Pete.

Next on the list ‘Down On Their Luck’, again by MaKuini, is a ‘slinky’ number with a hint of Etta James with a slow jazzy feel, this track shows what a great voice MaKuini has. Again, some great guitar and lap steel.

The next track, written by MaKuini’s sister Heeni, ‘I Am A River’, is a slow tempo blues and gives you a feel for the past in New Zealand. It is well presented with MaKuini’s singing and enhanced by the backing vocals in Maori. It also has a great story to tell.

The forth track, also by MaKuini, ‘Move Over’, is an up tempo blues number in a 1950’s style. Some nice brass adds to the feel and complements MaKuini’s singing.

The final track on the EP is ‘Ko Au Te Awa’, (‘I Am A River’ again) this time MaKuini sings in Maori. What a fitting finale on this excellent EP that has been produced by David Wright. Well done and good luck to MaKuini and to the Hoo Doo Men, I do hope we hear more from this ‘class’ Lady of the Blues.

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