Review: Cosmic Finger – EP

Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 20, 2013


Cosmic Finger – EP


German outfit Cosmic Finger have followed up last year’s live release “Streets Of Fortune”, with a most enjoyable six-track EP, which embraces touches of blues, rock, jazz, funk and more. The all-original songs are excellently structured and played by the band.

The line-up shows a couple of changes since the last release, and now is Jonas Puschke-Rui (vocals), Christopher Timm (guitar), Markus Glossner (keys/organ), Stefan Link (bass) and Sven Fischer (drums) – all fine musicians, who deliver their music with aplomb.

Cosmic Finger were originally formed in 2008 as a Grateful Dead tribute band, but now they are comfortable in their own ‘skin’, and are not afraid to stretch out and takes the music to some interesting places. They definitely have a West Coast ‘jam band’ feel at times with their freewheeling instrumental prowess.

The EP kicks off with “Pockets Full Of Change”, with a laid-back funk groove and highlighted by Puschke-Rui’s fine vocals and the stabbing guitar of Christopher Timm, with Markus Glossner’s keys embellishing everything; the following “Freedom Of That Kind” has a prog-rock feel reminiscent of the great Supertramp, and features a quite superb fluid guitar solo from Timm that never overstays its welcome.

“All You Can See” rides on a nice Hammond groove from Glossner, and it’s another funky tune that is followed by the light and summery “Better Off And Gone”. The last two tracks are the great “Between The Cracks” and the 6:35 of “Rain Slows Down”, with Christopher Timm’s guitar work on the mark again. The rhythm section of Stefan Link and Sven Fischer are right on the mark throughout, enabling the other musicians and singer to put their stamp on top.

This release comes highly recommended from a fine European band, though it might be hard to get hold of.


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