Review: Sam Hare – Good Things Always (EP)

Posted on: Monday, Sep 2, 2013


Sam Hare – Good Things Always (EP)


This EP from the London-based guitarist, writer and singer Sam Hare has been around a little while now, but is well worthy of mention . . . I’m guessing a stepping-stone from his debut album “Down To The Sea”, and a follow-up. The four tracks on “Good Things Always” move away from his straight blues background to incorporate country and Americana flavours, with the title cut said to be inspired by Delaney & Bonnie . . . that certainly works for me!

Here Hare’s vocals and sparkling guitar playing are in the company of some fine musicians, namely his co-producer Joe Glossop on organ and piano; Fergus Hare on bass; drum duties shared by Robert Pokorny and Daniel Hale; with backing vocals by himself, Georgia Ptohides and Guy Bennett.

As mentioned the title cut has that classic Southern rock and soul feel with Hare himself taking a fine guitar solo; the following “Never Say Never” is a delightful country-tinged ballad, with the keys of Joe Glossop adding to Hare’s impassioned vocal. The third track, “Distant London”, rides on a nice guitar intro and more stellar work from Glossop, this time predominantly on piano.

The last track, is the haunting and broody instrumental “Low Tide” . . . expect to see this popping up on a TV documentary or similar . . . it’s tailor-made for something like that, whilst also reminding me a little of Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Albatross”.

Sam Hare is certainly a busy man, working either solo or with a band, running jam nights, and also has written separately or co-written for Ian Siegal and Matt Schofield . . . I eagerly await the next album, which should be impressive on the evidence presented here.


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