A short chat with Moreland & Arbuckle . . . by Norman Darwen

Posted on: Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013

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A Short Chat with Moreland & Arbuckle

The excellent American blues/ roots-rockers Moreland & Arbuckle are one of the headliners at the Ramsbottom Festival on Sunday, 15th September. Here’s some background as the guitarist Aaron Moreland and singer/ harmonica man Dustin Arbuckle discuss their acclaimed new album “7 Cities” (Telarc TEL-34329-02) and touring in Britain for the first time:

Can you talk a little bit about the concept of the new album? And how come you chose to record the Tears For Fears song, ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’? It’s not exactly standard fare for a blues-rock band!

“7 Cities” is based on the tale of the Spanish Conquistador Coronado. He searched through parts of the USA for the mythical Seven Cities of Gold. Legend has it that the expedition ended near Wichita, our home base. The Tears for Fears cover was actually quite accidental. We were looking for a tune that was completely different – but a cover, something everyone knew, but wouldn’t expect to hear from us. We were quite happy with the way it turned out.

How do you write your songs?

It varies — but typically Aaron comes up with the music, and Dustin writes the lyrics.

How do you approach and prepare for going in the studio?

We try to demo songs ahead of time so that we have a rough idea of how they will fit together.. sometimes a tune that works great live can be a bear to record. So, we try to prepare for that.

How do you feel Moreland & Arbuckle has evolved over the last few years?

We started as a straight up delta blues duo. I played a resonator guitar and Dustin blew harp without an amp. But as time has passed, we have shifted to a more progressive, electrified roots rock/ blues band. But the Delta blues foundations have never left our sound.

Do you have a “standard” live show, or do you prefer to take it as it comes?

We 100% take it as it comes. We never use a set list… so we are constantly changing our presentation to different audiences. Typically our shows are very high energy.

And which do you prefer – live or studio?

They are both awesome for different reasons. In the studio you can craft and hone a piece of music to last forever. But playing live is where the real magic happens, to connect with people.

How’s the current tour going?

Very well. We have been lucky to keep playing great venues all over the world.

What plans do you have for the future?

We are really looking forward to playing in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the first time! We are playing out of the country more and more…

Many thanks – looking forward to seeing you!

Check out www.morelandarbuckle.com


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