Review: Ged Wilson – What’s Going On?

Posted on: Monday, Sep 16, 2013


Ged Wilson – What’s Going On?


This Northern singer/guitarist and sometimes rack harmonica player has come up with a very fine album in ‘”What’s Going On”, with a deceptively easy groove to the blues and strongly blues-related numbers.

For the latter try ‘False Alarm’ – wait until you get to the harmonica and guitar  solos – or the Mose Allison-ish ‘Kinda Blue’, inspired by jazz legend Miles Davis of course, whom Ged lists as a prime influence, alongside Gil Scott-Heron and Lightnin’ Hopkins.

Don’t come to this expecting acoustic music, the tough little band rocks along in a rootsy fashion – try ‘Lies’ for a good example, which also, like several other numbers here, has pointed and hard-hitting lyrics. This is an album I really enjoyed a lot…


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