Review: Wooden Horse – This Kind Of Trouble

Posted on: Saturday, Sep 21, 2013

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Wooden Horse – This Kind Of Trouble


Wooden Horse hail from Worcestershire and are primarily a duo with Jamie Knight on guitar, vocals and stomp, Ben Church on guitars, harmonica, backing vocals, National guitar, Weissenborn (lap slide) and banjo, but have been joined on this album, by Stuart McIlroy on piano.

The album encompasses a mix of country blues, bluegrass, Americana and more, with some great original tracks which shows the strength of vocals by Jamie and the variety of instruments using bottleneck and finger picking to harmonica and banjo from Ben. Also some great boogie piano playing from Stuart.

The self penned first track on the album, ‘A Big Deal’ has the bluegrass feel with banjo. A good opening number as this sets the mood for the rest of the album. Next an up tempo country blues, ‘You Ain’t Letting Me Down’, again written by Knight & Church. A well put together track with some great slide guitar, one to get you stomping!

‘Get It Right’ is a slow blues, then ‘All Along’, a bluegrass number with a touch of banjo, both written by Knight & Church were not ore inspiring, but were well put together.

The Robert Johnson number ‘Kind Hearted Woman’ provided a nice classic blues with some great slide guitar and piano. Following this, another self penned country blues track ‘This Kind Of Trouble’ with some exceptional slide guitar and finger picking with a definite Ry Cooder flavour.

I really enjoyed the next track, a JJ Cale number, ‘Crazy Mamma’. A real up tempo foot tapper with some superb boogie woogie piano, a real ‘rockin’ number. ‘The Walking Rain’ by Knight & Church slowed to tempo down. A nice country number with the use of a lap slide and a haunting harmonica.

Reminiscent of Eric Clapton, this well put together version of the Vinson/Chatmon number ‘Sittin’ On Top Of The World’ showed the versatility of the instruments used . A mix of electric and National guitars for slide with great piano. Loved the vocals on this track especially.

The final two tracks on the album couldn’t have been more different. Both by Knight & Church, ‘Kinda Man’ was a real up tempo, rock n’ roll number, with some great boogie woogie piano. ‘Time I’s Leaving’ however, was a slow, bit doomy country number which didn’t do it for me I’m afraid.

The album was an easy listen and I think the addition of Stuart McIlroy on piano added a new dimension to the band. Jamie Knight has a terrific voice which reminded me at times of Eric Clapton. Ben Church has great versatility with his use of so many instruments and provided some great harmonies with Jamie. Stuart McIlroy is a class boogie pianist, so all in all a really impressive album.

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