Review: CD Woodbury Band – Monday Night!

Posted on: Saturday, Sep 28, 2013


CD Woodbury Band – Monday Night!

(Wild Willie Productions)

The CD Woodbury Band was formed by the pairing CD himself and the remnants of Tim Casey’s’ Bluescats at the Snohomish Blues Invasion in 2009, prior to that CD has had the distinction of playing in front of two American Presidents and on one occasion playing the music of  Jimi Hendrix before the Hendrix family.

CD’s invaluable Texas roadhouse experiences and his jazz and blues background has, over the years stood him in good stead; especially so on the meshing of the fine musicians that make up CDWB who are; CD guitar, lead vocals,   Don Montana; drums, lead vocals, Mike Marinig; lead vocals, saxophone, Chris Klienman; keyboards and last but not least Mike Fish; bass.

The device of varying who takes lead vocals has the advantage of giving greater texture and depth to the varied styles and types of music that is to be found on this album. The opener, “These Blues Keep Me Right Here,” has jolly, jaunting rolling piano and organ joining a rich and lusty guitar that shares centre stage with a panting saxophone, with the clean crisp vocals grooving over the top; while “Mean Jenny,” moves into a swampy piano boogie led mode that is not only compulsorily footapping but also, has a very catchy chorus.

This mood is continued on “Been So Long,” which features a punchy guitar, rolling piano and drums alongside wheezy saxophone. On the numbers “Monday Night,” “Pleasures All Mine,” “Burn the Bridge” and “Two Wheels,” a refreshing change of mood is fully explored, that is the world of jazz and funk; from the classic strident James Brown guitar and brass riffs to the seventies soft, caressing, bubbling and burbling keyboards style, that is succinctly matched with an insistently exhilarant, brusque swaying saxophone which is neatly underpinned with nut tight, riveting,  urging guitar passages that takes the mood further on up the road.

The rolling piano led slowburner “Pawn Shop,” has building vocals and a grooving Jazz tinged saxophone while over the top a searing and scorching guitar wails away some painful blues. The equally mournful and melancholic mood of “SauBall Blues,” contains breathily drawling saxophone riffs that are coupled with Jazz tinged maudlin piano rolls, gentle brushwork lazily flows alongside rich sombre guitar picking.

Highly recommended!


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