Review: JC Crossfire – When It Comes To The Blues

Posted on: Monday, Oct 7, 2013


JC Crossfire – When It Comes To The Blues


Out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the five piece JC Crossfire Band has a fine and accessible modern blues sound. Leader, singer and guitarist JC has a strong but flexible vocal style that suits the band’s swinging and shuffling blues style, with a slight swampy, southern rock tinge.

Harmonica player Niles Blaize adds a down-home touch from time to time, but the band defines its sound as “party blues”, by which I understand them to mean a danceable, sing-along, good -timing style – try ‘Blues Blues Blues’ for a good example. The slow number ‘Tell Me Why’ does pack an emotional kick and shows JC can really sing.

However, most of the material – like the spiky, slippery, funky ‘The Chosen One’, again with a passionate vocal – whips up a storm and brings a smile to the listener’s face, though JC undoubtedly knows his blues, as he establishes in the lyrics to the opening title track. Sometimes we can forget that the blues is entertainment too, but JC and his crew will remind us.


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