Review: Willie and the Bandits – Grow

Posted on: Friday, Oct 11, 2013


Willie and the Bandits – Grow

Music that is difficult to categorize, Wille and the Bandits have their own take on ‘rock’ music with ‘blues’ overtones and a ‘new view’ to songwriting.

Based in Cornwall, they have been hitting the road running, with Wille Edwards on slide guitar and vocals, Matthew Brooks on six string bass and Andrew Naumann on drums. With the use of a variety of instrumentation, they certainly create a huge sound which puts them in a class of their own for a three piece band.

The first track on the album,’Got To Do Better’ has some great vocals and slide guitar and the words on this song reflect the times we live in. Next was ‘Gypsy Woman’, a slide driven track with hard hitting drums.

‘Joy To Yourself’ was a slow, haunting number with hints of a Police/Sting style. Some great bass lines on this track.’Under The Grove’ had a great acoustic start. It was sung with great feeling with some superb guitar work.

A lighter more up tempo number ‘Butterfly For A Day’ had a drum focus with some brilliant jazz rhythms. ‘Still Marching On’ certainly had a message … and do I hear a touch of Van Morrison?

A reggae track next, ‘Why D’You Do It’, with well put together acoustic guitar playing interspersed with electric. On to a more ‘rocky’ number ‘Son Of A Gun’, again a song with a strong message. A much ‘heavier’ track with guttural guitar work with slide.

‘Keep On Moving’ was an up tempo number with great use of slide. Then onto ‘Forgiveness’with bowed double bass, a nice touch. A really well put together track with perhaps influences from U2/Bono?

The last track on the album was ‘Angel’, an instrumental with some great finger picking acoustic guitar work and electric guitar. It was also a showcase for the talented drummer with some ‘class’ playing and the unassuming bass player to do his ‘thang’!

All in all a well put together album. The songs all had very strong messages … sometimes leaning towards the depressing … but the vocals were sung with passion and the slide guitar, and guitar playing were superb. Very tight drum work and solid bass playing added to the ambiance of the album.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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