Review: Will Wilde – Raw Blues

Posted on: Sunday, Oct 20, 2013


Will Wilde – Raw Blues

(Self-release: WWCD2013)

Will Wilde picked up his first harmonica at the age of 16 and from then on has not looked back. Brought up with a diet of the old masters of Chicago blues, Will plays a rich mixture of styles. He has been described as “A masterclass of blues harp playing, bar none.” (Blues in the North West).

He made his first album when he was 19, with two subsequent albums, so it’s nice to get a flavour of what Will Wilde is up to now on his new album ‘Raw Blues’. With Will on vocals, and harmonica, he is supported by Stuart Dixon on guitar, Victoria Smith on bass and Richie Newman on drums. The album was produced by Stuart Dixon.

The first self penned track ‘Paranoia’, has the flavour of British Blues of the 60’s with great vocals and blues harp playing. Following this, another track by Will, ‘Thirty Eight’. This is a more ‘funky’ number and I loved the harp playing on this track especially, with great ‘earthy’ vocals.

Moving onto ‘Numb’ a standard blues track by Will and ‘Your Days Are Numbered’ which has great up tempo rhythms and shows another vocal style for Will.

I particularly enjoyed ‘Get Me Some’, an Earl Thomas number. An earthy, getting ‘down and dirty’ blues track with class guitar work and drums. A bit more on the ‘rocky’ side which worked well. Following was a track written by Will and sister Dani Wilde. ‘Midnight Girl’, an up tempo and a bit more funky number.

Another track which particularly appealed to me, was a Leroy Carr number ‘Mean Mistreatin’ Mama’. A nice ‘rootsy’ blues harp, with some great vocals. Back to the 60’s British Blues style with classic basic rhythms ‘What Makes People’ by Jimmy Lane was well put together with a good guitar solo.

The next two tracks are by Will. ‘Citalopram Blues’ a slow blues and ‘You’re My Only Girl’ which is a standard blues, both with outstanding harmonica playing. The final track is ‘Numb’ again, but this time it is Will on guitar with some poignant playing.

All in all a good well put together album. Will Wilde is certainly a proficient blues harp player and worthy of his nominations for the British Blues Awards.

ROSY GREER – Lancashire Blues Archive

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