Review: RB Stone – Loosen Up!

Posted on: Wednesday, Oct 23, 2013


RB Stone – Loosen Up!

(Middle Mountain Music: MMM51313)

RB has not wasted one single second or note of music with this new album for, we are straight away breathlessly trampled into submission by the full force guitar wringing of Robert Britt on the accelerating “High Horse,” his soaring and slashing is frazzlingly matched by the astonishing drum work of Tom Hambridge, while all this is going on RB’s gritty, effortlessly fierce vocals soar over the top and when his voice is in full flight it is more than somewhat reminiscent of Tom Fogerty and Omar Dykes.

This sets the tone for the ten raucous and rumbustious numbers on offer for your delectation. The energetic and fully satisfying harmonica playing of Jefferson Jarvis is wonderfully featured on “I Ain’t Buying That Bull Today,” as he barters for supremacy with Robert’s raging guitar. RB puts his cigar box guitar and voice to excellent work on “Harley Heart,” as he presents a slide slashing vocally fuzzy ‘ton-up’ cruising accolade to the two wheeled American dream.

A timely warning of not to mix alcohol and foolishness with the Texas police is frantically explained on the enjoyable slurping “Texas Drunk Tank Blues”. The title number is a jolly grooving piano led rolling tumbling shuffle with an aching and begging ringing guitar, urging you on to step onto the dance floor.

The brooding bass of Tommy McDonald is the lynch pin of the slide and harmonica led loping and rolling shuffle that is “Gone As Gone Can Be”. The richness and texture of the subject matter found here ranges from the eternal wanderlust of the endless highways to the American musical oasis that is the roadhouse where you can hear and immerse yourself in anything from swampy bayou blue to slowburn delta blues alongside bruising pumped-up juking blasters.

Highly Recommended!


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