Review: Blues Point – Simply Blues

Posted on: Friday, Oct 25, 2013


Blues Point – Simply Blues


Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Eastern European countries received only sporadic exposure to the blues – the (very) occasional tour or release by an American blues artist, rare television shows, and whatever albums fans could get hold of. It meant that the blues developed there in different ways to its evolution in the west, and there was a political aspect that was not always the case on the other side of the Iron Curtain. Although Blues Point only came together in 2010, these elements still affect this Polish trio’s output.

This album originally appeared in Polish in 2012, and the current item under review is the new English issue. Wlodek Sobczak is the bandleader, singer, acoustic and electric guitarist, and he also handles keyboards, bass and drums, whilst Mirek Borkowski also plays guitar and takes the vocals on five of the 14 numbers. The three piece is completed by saxophonist Arek Osenkowski, whose distinctive playing ranges from hard edged honking to almost free-form soloing.

The songs themselves – all originals except for a cover of Swiss bluesman Philipp Fankhauser’s ‘Lonely In This Town’ – keep to blues formats but with frequent individual touches. And if you’re looking for a tough – very tough – slab of slow to mid-tempo blues with some wild guitar, try the six and a half minutes of ‘My Guardian Angel’. In short, an enjoyable release, and a fascinating snapshot of what is happening with the blues elsewhere in Europe.


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