Review: Roadhouse – Gods & Highways & Old Guitars

Posted on: Saturday, Nov 9, 2013


Roadhouse – Gods & Highways & Old Guitars

(Krossborder Rekords: KBR20131)

Roadhouse is one of the longest-standing British blues-rock bands, having been formed in 1991 by Gary Boner and Robert A Roberts. The line-up on the album comprises Gary Boner on vocals and guitar, Danny Gwilym on guitar, Bill Hobley on bass, Roger Hunt on drums and Mandie G, Sarah Harvey-Smart and Suzie D on vocals. All ten numbers on the CD were written solely or collaboratively by Gary Boner.

Four of the first five tracks on the album are essentially in the Americana category, including the lively opening track, “Hell On Wheels”, complete with a blistering guitar solo and the slightly swampy ”Skinwalker”, which offers another impressive helping of guitar work. Between them, “I Can’t Say No” introduces a driving boogie beat with a definite touch of ZZ Top. Two more Americana numbers, the title track and “Katrina”, are followed by the medium-paced shuffle, “The Big Easy”, and the upbeat boogie, “Slow Down”.

The fast-moving “Spirits Across The Water” exudes a country flavour while the equally pacy shuffle, “Blues Motel” is expertly driven by the rhythm section. “Sinner” then delivers a final dose of guitar-based pyrotechnics to complete a balanced collection of well-written and well-performed numbers. Not mainstream blues but sufficiently blues-tinged to make a significant contribution to a blues based festival.


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