Review: Calum Ingram – Making It Possible

Posted on: Monday, Nov 11, 2013

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Calum Ingram – Making It Possible

Is it jazz, roots or its own genre? I needed to listen to the album a few times to get a handle on it, a very different musical experience. It perhaps is not to everyone’s taste, but the more you listen , the more you can appreciate the musicianship.

Calum Ingram is a classically trained cellist, but has created his own unique style of presentation. Combining this with other talented musicians, he has produced a totally individual style of music on this very interesting album.

The ‘Intro’ on this album was just cello and basic percussion, simple, but cool. This led straight into ‘Smile’, with the use of plucked cello and glockenspiel with Calum on vocals, moving to bowed cello and the introduction of female vocalist Jessie Arlen, a great voice. A very atmospheric track.

‘Don’t Mean No Harm’ raised the tempo with full drum kit and an interesting use of the cello. A very jazz orientated track especially with the sax. The next track ‘Chop’ was perhaps my favourite on the album. With bowed cello leading into a great sax solo and with the female vocalist again. A real bluesy/jazzy number.

Next a ‘rootsy’ track, ‘Going Home’, with nice harmonies and good use of brushes on the drums. I think it reminded me of a Paul Simon number. On the much more bluesy ‘Game’, I loved the bowed cello playing. It also gave the opportunity to show the female vocalists amazing range before heading off into electrification and ending up as a rocky number …was that the cello sounding like an electric guitar?

The last two tracks provided a different take. ‘Samson’ was a slow haunting number with some great sounds created by the cello, not unlike a sitar. The final track was a bit more funky/jazz with wah wah on the keys. A beautifully done solo on the bowed cello and a fitting end to the album.

All in all an interesting album of contemporary music.

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