Village Hall Music Update –

Posted on: Saturday, Nov 16, 2013

Tickets available on the door for the Blues Duo tonight.

This in from Roger Kenyon.

We are delighted to present The Blues Duo at Appleton Thorn Village Hall on Saturday 16th November.

This is NOT sold out yet, and as it is only a couple of days away, we have decided there will be  admission available on the door. It’s always a risk to do this as we could get overrun, but on balance it’s better to be full than not.

If you haven’t decided whether to attend or not, could I urge you not to miss one of this country’s hottest blues acts, who,through their constant gigging have gained both a national and international reputation.

Just a quick mention of Pete Price’s forthcoming date at the Pyramid, Parr Hall, Warrington on Saturday 7th December. Tickets are available from the box office at a very reasonable £10. Pete really enjoys this prestigious gig in his hometown, and if past years at this venue are anything to go by, expect surprise guests as well.

Tommy and Johnny are are the very top of their game at the moment. You’d be crazy to miss this.

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